Co-existing conditions

I admit that I have been fearfully lax in the last couple of months in regards this blog. Like many, the stress of lockdown has taken a toll. Everything has become a lot more unpredictable and us on the spectrum like predictably.

Racing is non-existent at the moment and the only race left in the season, may or may not happen: it has changed venue at the very least.

Work has been stressful and the lockdown has added further challenges to the role. Until recently, I had stopped taken medication for these, having appeared to have ‘got  a handle on them’. A couple of months back I had a massive mental crash. I won’t go into details and I can only liken the crash to a pressure kettle, when the pressure inside grows too strong, the cracks begin to show and unless the pressure is removed, or decreased, eventually there is a explosion.

These things might equally lead to a meltdown, but the effects are a lot more long-term, but at least can be subject to treatment. The world is a scary place and at the moment, more unpredictable and therefore scarier and placing additional demands upon us all. Hence, I think this is why depression and anxiety are frequently co-existing. We struggle with aspects of commication and interaction with others, after all. Those working from home may become increasingly isolated and insular and that is a cause for concern as practicing social skills is part of our neuroplasticity.

I think that it is vital, for both NT and ND worlds to remember that it is perfectly alright to not be alright. Ask for help, seek opinion, if you need to seek advocacy or mediation. Whilst budgets in the U.K. are cut to the bone by austerity and misappropriation, the charity sector can provide help.

Anyway, stay safe and well. Until the next time.

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