Worn out or wearing out?

Working hard, training hard. Stressed about Covid-19, lockdown measures being eased: this is current state of play.

Work is demanding, this involves very long shifts in which you never switch off really, even when you’re technically having a quiet moment (literally, I am drafting this whilst having a cup of coffee, with one ear and eye keeping an eye on the client). Again, I expect the job to be demanding.

Training is demanding, but seven weeks away from an eight hour cross-country race, I would hope so. The rewards appear to be developing.

We’re all worried about Covid and the easing of lockdown, or at least we should be. From my own perspective, the unpredictability of the situation, plays hell with my autism; we need routine and order and the world is anything but predictable or organised.

Having to constantly adapt or prepare to adapt is, frankly, exhausting. Not least because I spend a lot of my time having to ease this stress for people who need far more support and assistance than I. I seem to be struggling for writing motivation at the moment, suspecting a slight burnout, so please bare with me. I am intending to post some kit reviews over the coming weeks.

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