In lockdown

The reason I am currently quiet is because I am recovering from what is being treated as a case of Covid-19: thankfully it would appear to be a mild case, but it’s not been a pleasant experience.

Day 12 of being at home so far. I can envisage that turbo training will become an integral part of my routine; it’s pretty good at producing results for the time crunched and upon recovery, I return to work and back being short on time.

So looking at life and my routine during this time; I miss several aspects of socialisation, I miss being able to freely take a walk, to ride with friends and have a pint afterwards. The reduced volume of foot and road traffic suits me: I was, in large, happier in a Country with less people and crowds anyway and with a partner who deals with crowds badly, less people make us both less anxious.

I have since lock down, found an interest in cat-friendly house plants and have a DIY terrarium kit on order. Increasingly, shopping is undertaken online and we’ve even found beer deliveries.

It’s strange how the definition of ‘key worker’ has changed; going from often seen as “unskilled labour” to vital to the nation. I am one of those people. Am I actually unskilled? No, not at all, I require a higher level of continuing professional development than a lawyer. I am trained to administer medication including restricted medication. I am a creative problem solver, working with a pre-verbal individual means that you need to determine a person’s wants and needs. Planning and project management, report writing, risk assessments, health and safety, food hygiene, infection control and many other things come into my role.

Hopefully after the pandemic finally ends, whenever that might be, these key workers, who have kept the nation running will receive better treatment, greater recognition and an increase in salaries. Rather than just the elite few city brokers and bankers getting six figure bonuses which they largely drink and snort anyway.

Who knows what life will be like in the days, weeks or months to come. I suspect that it will change many people and force change upon others. Arguably, as a planet, we need to use cars less, exercise more, waste less and consider other more. Will this happen? Only time will tell I think.

In the meantime, stay safe, stay well and if possible, stay at home.

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