Routines and predictability

In light of Covid-19, the world has become a lot less predictable, this makes establishing and sticking with a routine a lot more difficult.

Working as support staff, we plan activities each day as part of the service user’s routine and try our best to limit change as this increases anxiety.

For me, this means work is more unpredictable, and therefore more challenging. At the moment, for us as for many people, guidelines are in constant flux and we’re constantly waiting to find out the next decree to determine what we’re supposed to do next. I’m rather more than sick of watching the PM punctuate every sentence with half a dozen “um”.

In cycling terms, yes riding is healthy and in the open, thus offering little chance of contagion. This makes me happy.

In terms of competing; I currently have an 8 hour and a 12 hour endurance race at the end of April and July so here’s hoping that they still go ahead. Then other stuff in August and September, again, let’s see how this pans out.

In the meantime, try to stay safe, try to keep to a routine and I look forward to seeing the other side of this.

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