Variety is also important

Personally I need to remind myself to keep my motivation through balancing routine with variation: I ride the same routes so that I am familiar with them. This can mean that I get stale.

In work, I try to keep activities from becoming to predictable. Sometimes we take longer walks, or just start or finish at a different point.

Today, I am taking my service user trampolining, which we have done before, but not in a while and we’ll go to a different site. This means that it remains fresh and fun for Jack and he does not feel stale either. Plus, it’s important that I as support staff also feel keen to get involved.

Also, as it’s pancake day in the U.K., we’ll make pancakes later on as Jack enjoys cooking.

Life is a series of repetitive actions and it can get dull and at that point, we’re likely to disengage and simply go through the motions. As such, it’s important to try a twist on something we enjoy.

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