Meltdowns, wipeouts and forms

It’s been a hell of a couple of weeks. This is why I missed posting last week.

As discussed earlier, burnouts seem to happen to most people on the spectrum; I had three massive meltdowns inside a week; at one point stood in the Job Centre having a complete crisis because of staff being unable to give me correct information and as is typical, no one accepts culpability for their actions and most just blatantly lie or make excuses.

I’m also up to my eyes in interviews, assessments and application forms. All of these are things that on their own cause my anxiety to raise, combining them, makes life really challenging. I’m currently on my way to an interview and remain positive because that’s one of the keys things to a happy life.

Things will always be challenging but we can overcome so many things and we (the neurodiverse are brilliant people who add depth and creativity to the world)

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