Anxiety and exams

Do not misunderstand that I have taken and passed far harder exams than a GCSE in Biology; I need a hard science in order to teach primary school, so I have Paper II on Friday.

My anxiety has therefore increased, like many people with autism, my anxiety tends to run higher than average. I’ve been on Sertralin for years now and trying to cope without it just didn’t work for me. Medication helps to restore the balance that my brain doesn’t find without it, in short. The effects of it, are far less than me trying to deal with the world without.

I’ve also returned to yoga, which does help me with core strength and stability as well as balance: all of which are good for a cyclist. The other effect is that I find it helps me to find a place and sense of tranquility when normally I struggle to quiet my mind or body.

So, anyone struggling with anxiety, whether co-existing or not, I highly recommend both medication and yoga.

Anyway, this is a very short entry this week as I’ve revision and training to complete after a few hours of tutoring this morning.

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