Can’t wait…

Most of the time, I run one post a week. However, in the spirit of the title I feel it suitable to not have this written in advance and then use the system to auto-publish it later, which is my normal method.

It was mentioned to me about how certain aspects of my behaviour are indicative of ADHD as a co-existing condition. I’m unsure, but it’s certainly worthy of investigation at some point. I’ve always considered myself as restless; others have, in the past used expressions including ‘fitful’.

Put simply, I don’t sit still very easily. The exception being when I have a purpose to being still, then this requires focus, or frankly I am likely to go to sleep (I do this frequently in front of the TV, in the cinema, meetings etc.) In short, I need to have something requiring incredible focus and attention in order to simply be still. This possibly means that training as a primary school teacher will be the most perfect role.

Some elements of my restlessness are ‘stimming behaviour’, I pace and shift my weight around, stretch my limbs out, tap my feet, flap my hands or draw patterns with my extremities. Some of these things become the result of simply me dealing with having to wait…

.. I despise waiting, I obey the rules such as queuing and being polite, but I cannot abide waiting. When things run late, I get really very anxious, I’m not sure why, but it just happens. Maybe it’s why I hate not wearing a watch, I find it unsettling to not have a watch on even when I sleep; I’m currently using a Garmin Fenix 3 and when it’s on charge, I have to put on another watch!



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