Medic alert

I recently decided that it was time to find a solution for being able to have readily available ID on me. I don’t always carry my wallet whilst riding, these days, I tend to use ApplePay for any small incidentals I might need whilst riding and a wallet just adds bulk to my riding gear. I also still have to transfer my Driving License back to a U.K. one, but not having a car at the moment and only having driven half a dozen times in the last three years, I’m in no particular hurry to give the DVLA anymore money.

I opted to try these via amazon, being reasonably cheap.


I was surprised that they aren’t actually metal, but plastic with a rather naff brushed metal effect on them. However, aside from the aesthetic, the reverse side has a weblink which links to a platform from (upgradeable and rather expensive of course!) This allows the user to input emergency contact details, NHS number, associated medical conditions, allergies and blood group (if anyone actually knows their blood group). This information is then available to first responders and notifies the user who has accessed this information. The app allows two contacts to be added.

However, does it need to be anything more? No, it’s simply there for emergencies and we all hope that it’s never necessary for anyone to access our medical data. It is easily access and paramedics and other first responders will always check wrists and the neck for ID. So, in that regard, it’s suitable.

On the negatives:-

It’s a very basic item, with a rather basic app and uploading an image always seems to be put the image into portrait irrespective of whether the image is taken in landscape or portrait. Which is a major P.I.T.A.

The app also immediately tries to push a premium service, which I dislike.

I’m not keen on the plastic material, metal discs or tags would been much preferred and I suspect that I will simply transfer the weblink and details onto a simple metal dog tag (the sort of thing which you would use for a pet is perfectly suitable and is used by U.K. forces) in due course.

The positives: –

  •  good safety feature allowing access to medical information if needed;
  • saves having to carry around other ID such as a Driver’s License which requires a more lengthy process to obtain the holder’s details.

In short, for those of us who undertake activities with risk, it’s certainly worth consideration, just go for a metal tag.

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