The Emporer’s new clothes

Now, not everyone on the spectrum will suffer from sensory processing disorder. However, as this blog is largely me discussing how my Aspergers affects me, and therefore hoping to connect with others, who might not feel so isolated. I will discuss my sensory issues in regards to clothing.

I will kick off my shoes at the first opportunity, however comfortably they might fit. As a child, I hated wearing shoes or socks. I cut washing tags out of almost everything and certainly tags are removed from anything which is in direct contact with my skin. The only socks I wear are mainly cycling or skiing socks (used for winter sports). I don’t often buy clothing online, as I need to be able to touch the fabric before trying it. ‘Scratchy material’ literally sets my teeth on edge and I will not wear it, regardless of whether I like the look, colour or fit of an article.

Then, there are colours, I’m a Goth, so my palette tends towards lots of blacks, reds and purple. I’m also a mountain biker so I tend to buy cycling gear which fits within this palette. Red is great because of the high visual impact making it easier to see me.

So flat labels and reds, blacks and purples in smooth fabrics dictate the majority of my wardrobe. We all have our choices, mine and those who are similar to me would just like a little more choice.

Does anyone else find these challenges? I would be interested to hear from others.

#actuallyautistic #autismandmountainbiking #cyclingclothing #SPD #sensoryprocesskngdisorder


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