Unique traits

The neurodiverse person is likely to struggle with certain elements of human behaviour, interaction and communication; the so labelled ‘triad of difficulties’, however, are they actually difficulties or simply part of what makes us unique?

Caregivers and those working or studying the field are reminded to take everyone as ‘unique and individual’, as does British law under the Autism Act and other anti-discrimination legislation. The lawyer in me finds that this might mean that one could think of the PNT populace as being some kind of robotic clones, incapable of individuality, but better at interacting with others. Of course, this is, in the main, completely untrue and I also realise that the legislation is simply intended to ‘level the playing field’. Sadly, this doesn’t always work, the National Autistic Society shows that only 16% of people with autism are employed on a full time basis, which is damning evidence that the playing field is not level, compare this to persons with other disabilities classed as unemployed with shows only 9.3% (UK Government figures, so highly manipulated, but all the same).

I wonder what actually dissuades people from not engaging more ND people. We have some great skills; of course, the sciences, education, IT all seem to be staffed and fuelled by a high percentage of people on the spectrum. Maybe, our interpretation of the world just provides us with a better fit in these arenas. However, not everyone is a scientist, a teacher or an IT geek. The military bars those sections of the public with identified autism, which is a travesty as we are very good with following specific instruction and repetitive tasks (although I hated drill and any ceremonial matters). In fact, the military is often the perfect disfunctional, functioning family in which many might well thrive.

Anyway, I try to keep this blog upbeat, as frankly I embrace my own diversity and the fact that, I, as a person with high functioning autism am unique and have both excellent abilities and things which I simply cannot do. Much like my friends and people around me, whichever neurological tribe they sit in.

The weather is bright and crisp, the heating is turned up and I have the doctors this afternoon, following which I am riding. My obsession remains, as does my sense of exploration and wonderlust (I miss the mountains and clean air and long to share these things again.)

Hell, I still need to sort out a fix with my racing shoes, but frankly, I need to be in the right mental state or they will get jettisoned across the room, with lots of screaming and drama. Maybe an NT can do it?

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