Losing one’s Mojo.

Amongst my obsessions, I have two things which I do which bring me great pleasure; obviously mountain biking and also running. Of late, I seem to have lost my running mojo. This is slightly frustrating as I’ve always enjoyed running (well, as much as any runner enjoys it, which generally involves some cursing!)

I admit that I returned to running whilst living in Switzerland and during the winter being unable to ride my bike and needing something which required less time than snow-shoeing. It might be that, simply doing the Bradford Parkrun each week had become stale – don’t get me wrong, I enjoy Parkrun and the organisers do a sterling job, but maybe I just got tired of running up ‘the Teeny-Tiny Hill’ which is so famous in Bradford’s Parkrun, three times every Saturday. Plus, it clashes with tutoring, so it’s now a non-starter for me.

I do need to find something to rekindle my motivation as, aside from enjoying the sport and competing, it’s excellent cross training for mountain biking. Maybe, I need to allow myself to do something spontaneous, like book a race, or go trail running…

Today, I intend to get out on the bike if only for a couple of hours. I’m far too insufferable without being able to spend time on my obsessions. Time and daylight are currently limiting me and I am grateful that the days will start getting longer once more.


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