Stress stops well, more or less everything

Well, it has been a stressful week, for one reason or another. However, I’ve got through it, intact and my senses seem have settled down.

This week has consequently been lousy in relation to riding or any form of exercise.

Stress and anxiety affects us all differently, but for me, the sense of my stomach knotting, feeling of nausea and increased sensory feelings. My own awareness of this means that I now notice my stimming, something I never used to notice.

Anyway, this is very short post as I have studying this afternoon. But, I can state that our obsessions; in my case, mountain biking, really does make the world that much less overwhelming. So, in short, whilst our obsessions may be all consuming and we may on occasions, be reminded to get back on track with other things, these passions do help to bring us a great deal of happiness. I will sometimes need reminding to stop talking about them…

Sunday Social


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