No, I’m not like rain main

I thought that I’d discuss something about ‘Savant Syndrome’ because many people assume that a person with autism has some amazing mathematical or artistic ability. Not true, in fact, maths and I have never been particularly fond of each other. My mental arithmetic is generally good, but the numbers get jumbled up in my brain.

Some people, have Savant Syndrome as a co-existing condition to their autism. However, in amongst the numerous people I know with autism, I can’t think of one person with Savant. It is rare. More likely is it that a person with autism will have co-existing conditions including depression, anxiety (I often wonder whether my mine was the result of autism, as a side effect or whether they are completely unrelated, although I suspect not) or other conditions including epilepsy.

So, in answer to the expectation that that “Are you like Rain Man?”
No, no I’m not. I do however, have an exceptional memory for the spoken word, I can recall and recite verbatim conversation, I remember song lyrics, poems I learned in school and other such things. Which is realistically only any use in antagonising those who can’t recall the same; I can tell that it antagonises people because many of them have told me.



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