When things go wrong

I’m having one of those days in which I have several objectives, all of which I am let to understand need doing immediately.

Having to focus on several things, all of which are time sensitive and relatively complex or involve outside agencies, is stressful for anyone. For me, this stress increases with amount of frustration which results from something not happening correctly in the first place. Thus the mental anxiety results in a physical sensation; in my case, that of a ‘knot’ in my stomach, increased heart rate and increasing overload. I very nearly told my lawyer to stick my case, as in all honesty, the stress of the pre-litigation process and and now into litigation is overwhelming (consider that I used to litigate for others). Cue me sat in corner stimming, rocking and playing white noise trying to block out the world.

I was supposed to be riding this evening, my shoes are still wet from Sunday’s ride and I’m not sure if I can wear wet shoes.



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