Low energy levels

Much like anyone, I suffer from lacking energy. This can counter my normal mode of being unable to sit still.

I must admit that the current abysmal weather has helped me; normally I take part in the Bradford Parkrun on a Saturday morning; it’s been a routine that I’ve created for a few months now. It’s good for me, because, as well as running, the events are very social and it forces me to to engage and speak to people I ordinarily wouldn’t. Yesterday though I got up after sleeping really badly, looked out the window and returned to bed.

This pushing myself to speak to people, is often ‘Hi, well done’ or something similar and it’s a positive behaviour as normally I can actually go for a week or more at a time without speaking to people I don’t know, unless necessity provides the dictate – staff in shops, often being the people who I end up talking in this fashion and I will, whenever possible, seek out the same staff, which if they have the longest queue, creates a dilemma. Although, this lately has led to the staff in the local Aldi being a lot less officious with me in regards to the time it takes to pack groceries, than with other people.

Today, I had arranged with a friend to meet up and ride this morning. We discussed the weather and decided that it wasn’t too bad. Then, we both left our respective homes into a deluge. Normally, on a Sunday morning ride, you will see numerous mountain bikers (this is West Yorkshire and excellent Countryside for the sport after all), today, we encountered four, in 15 miles, all of which looked as wet and miserable as we felt. I’m not a fair-weather rider, but I dislike being cold, in clothing which isn’t really designed to keep you warm. Hiking in the Swiss alps, snowshoeing in mountains, cold-weather training in Norway amongst other things, some sports allow clothing and equipment to keep you warm, mountain biking, seems to not consider this as well. Maybe, there’s a niche in the market. Maybe I need to invest in another pair of Sealskin gloves and winter mountain bike shoes …

Today’s ride


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