Seasonal Affected Disorder

The autumn in Switzerland was always a very beautiful season, colours changing and just the promise of a winter around the corner. At least it was until the fog descended, I lived at altitude and that meant low cloud base, which much like living in the fog for 3 – 4 weeks each autumn and early spring.

Bring the clocks up to date, two years forwards and, here in West Yorkshire, it seems to have either been raining, incredibly high winds or simply just bitingly cold. All of these have had a negative effect upon my desire to do the things which make me happy; training and generally being outside and exploring nature. I would not consider myself especially to be a ‘fair weather’ rider, however, for a period upon returning to the UK, I rode for an awful food delivery company – this entailed, on average 9 hours at a minimum each day riding during the winter. Freezing cold, with no respite. The effect of this experience is to remind me that I ride for pleasure; even on days when I’m competing, it’s still something I do because it’s my passion. Yes, I earned money riding, but only in a service level capacity, and then, barely enough to pay my bills, keep my equipment maintained (70 hours a week buts a hell of a toll on a bike) and feed myself. In short, I simply struggle with motivating myself to get outside during this awful weather; I see no pleasure in getting drenched to the skin and freezing cold unless I have to; if I;m out and the weather changes, so bit it, I can assess whether to press on or not.

Anyway, today is promising to hold better weather, so I will be getting out for a couple of hours this afternoon.

My route was a variation on a frequent route which was nice, pushed hard in a few points on a local loop – only to be slowed down by dog walkers; the problem with riding on a bright Sunday afternoon.

Some interesting fungi in Cleverly Woods



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